Pet Sitters, Dog Walkers, Groomers & Much More

        We are professional dog caretakers in Fort Lauderdale and believe in staying in touch with your pet, rather than putting it in a cage.  Get the best pet services pertaining to dog grooming, dog walking, dog care, and dog boarding etc. at pocket-friendly prices and help your pet get a better life in association with the experts. 


    Overall Pet Care That Enhances Its Living.  

At ‘Doggie Escorts’, we are a one-stop-solution for all your pet-relating needs.  Need to walk your dog? We provide dog walkers! Need someone to take care of it in the day? We are here! Need professional dog groomers? Do not go anywhere else than ‘Doggie Escorts’!  We offer the best dog care services in Fort Lauderdale,that lend a great helping hand to the pet keepers. Hire us and see the difference we could make in its living conditions.  


     Why Are WeThe Best For Your Pet?  

Taking care of a speechless dog, grooming it, and meeting its expectations is a real art and we at ‘Doggie Escorts’ are the experts in Fort Lauderdale that offer all such services.  


Mobile pet care serviceVery affordable prices with utmost transparencyLots of cashback and cost-saving offers for regular customersWe never put your pet inside crates or kennelsRegular updates- pictures, videos, and text about your petWe are highly reliable, insured and vastly experienced.  

     So while you need an assistance of the professional dog walkers, pet groomers or pet sitters in Fort Lauderdale, call ‘Doggie Escorts’ and rest assured for your pet to get its best care.  For better assistance and details, send us an email at or call us at 954-901-9741. 

Doggie Escorts: Enhancing Your Pets’ Living Conditions For Its Healthy Development